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Update June 18,2005

New Show Date Saturday, July 16th

That's right because of schedule problems we had to move the show to July 16. This show promises to be even more wild with a little HLA, and if you never heard of HLA well you better get your shit together and get down to Ryly's on July 16th. show starts at 7pm.

The biggest part of the show is the start of the POW curser weight tournament. POW will be running this tournament over the next couple of shows, with some of the best high fliers in North America.  

Barroom Brawl 2005 Results

Update April 15,2005

What a way to kick off the 2005 season. POW Barroom Brawl blew the roof off Ryly’s and everyone, the hardcore fans, the newcomers and the people on the pub crawls had an absolute blast in our new venue.

Match 1

Mentallo vs El Assisno

A cruiserweight main event anywhere in the country, these two young men pulled out all the stops in the opening bout. High flying, and fast, back and forth combat had the crowd popping and after 15 minutes of action-packed velocity, Mentallo came out of nowhere with a cradle piledriver, spiked the man from Santiago Chile, and picked up the 1-2-3.

Crash Crimson Speaks

The big man hadn’t been in Saskatoon for a while, and I’d tell you what he said but it was aimed at an “adult” crowd. Let’s just say he wasn’t too happy with most of the audience members and he wasn’t shy about telling them what was on his mind.

Match 2

Crash Crimson vs Stevie Nitro

The newcomer to the area did what he could against the stronger Crimson, but Crimson eventually snapped and powerbombed the young man over and over… and then brought the chair out. Eventually Mikey Gambino came out to save Nitro but the damage was already done. Because of the chair and the interference by Gambino, the ref had no choice but to declare this one a no-contest.

Match 3

Oz vs Mikey Gambino

And now it was time for the man from Jersey, Mikey Gambino to prove himself against one of Canada’s fastest rising superstars, Oz. This was another superb action packed match with both men having something to prove to the Saskatoon crowd. After a hard fought battle, Gambino picked up the win with a cradle pin.

Wavell Starr Promo

Fresh off a number of tour dates with the WWE, the rookie prospect Wavell Starr let the Saskatoon crowd know he was not too happy about coming from sold out stadiums to a bar in Saskatoon. But the man could really do no wrong in front of the crowd and no matter how much be belittled them, they wanted more. Ladies and gentlemen it’s not a question of “if” Wavell will be working for the WWE, it’s “when”.

Match 4 Tag Team Action

Stevie Nitro & Mikey Gambino vs Crash Crimson and Van Dutch

How do I describe this match? Pure carnage, mayhem, anarchy, bedlam. You just had to be there. These four men tore the bar to pieces, put it back together, and then tore it apart again. Very little tag action, but one hell of a four way brawl throughout Ryly’s. When the smoke cleared, Crimson was laying under a pile of tables unable to move, Van Dutch was on the ropes looking for him, and Nitro and Gambino grabbed him, gave him a double razor’s edge and scored the victory.

Match 5

Wavell Starr vs Kenny Omega

Talking about being there in person to believe it, this match could also have been a main event on any other night. And the bus full of intoxicated ladies that arrived on the pub crawl crowded right up to ringside to enjoy this action too. These two warriors gave it all they had for the capacity crowd, and the crowd responded. Exceptional back and forth action, and an outstanding display of technical wrestling highlighted this incredible match. But the First Nation Sensation lived up to his promise and hit Omega with a Samoan drop for the 1-2-3.

Match 6

12 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

There wasn’t even room for referee Smiling George Smiley (who did one hell of a job all night) in the ring when 12 POW superstars piled in and let loose. Vicious chops, devastating power moves and almost too much action to watch highlighted this main event and it looked for a while like nothing was going to give. Suddenly bodies were flying out left and right, and the match came down to Crimson, Gambino and Omega. All three men were on the ropes when Wavell Starr hit the ring from the opposite side and dumped them all out together. With so many athletes in the ring, it was hard to tell he hadn’t entered yet. Wavell assumed he had won and was posing for the ladies when Omega, who had gone over the top but held on and slipped back under the bottom rope, grabbed Starr from behind and dumped him over the top for the main event win.

So as you’ve just read it was a fantastic night of wrestling at Ryly’s. Thanks go out to the entire bar staff and DJ Kirby who did a tremendous job of announcing. POW will be back on Saturday night, June 4. Rumors are flying about who’s headlining so watch the website for details.