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The Drake Report
August ­ What Happened and Whatšs Going On

Exhibition week was a busy one for POW and now that things have settled
down, the fans want to know whatšs going on, well Išll tell you.

The head office started organizing everything for the Ex in March. Guys like
Sabu, Jerry Lynn, Dr. Luther and Don Callis have to be booked months in
advance. Dr. Luther wasnšt there you say? I know, that was one of the many
snags that happened in the past six months. Luther retired, POW had to find
replacements. In some cases they found replacements for the replacements. In
the end they had one hell of a crew that worked their asses off for the
whole week. But right up to the last week, plans were changing, people were
confirming they were coming or calling to say they couldnšt make it. That
was one of the main reasons no card for was posted for the week. POW could
have put one up, but what would have been the point.

Herešre some other questions I was asked during the week.

Was Sabušs arm really injured?
Oh God yes. When he signed the contract in March he was fine. Near the end
of April his bicep was tore off of his arm during a match. One week before
he wrestled here he had bicep surgery, reattaching the bicep to his arm, but
his tendon was so badly damaged, they surgeons took a tendon out of a
cadaver, attached it to his bicep, and then to his bone. Again I repeat,
this was one week before he got here. His doctor told him to stay out of the
ring for six weeks, but he wanted to keep his contractual obligations and
see the fans in Saskatoon. And if you saw him, you know he didnšt let the
injury prevent him from doing any of his high spots. I canšt even imagine
how much pain he was in. The cast he had on his arm was a hard cast, but by
the end of the week he had taken so many bumps on it, it was shattered. He
is an unbelievable talent, and a nice guy.

Whatšs Jerry Lynn like?
Speaking of nice guys, here is one of the nicest you will ever meet in or
outside of the ring. He has wrestled everywhere, wrestled everyone, and has
let none of it go to his head. It is an absolute crime hešs not in the WWE.
Actually itšs politics, but he is one of the most amazing athletes Išve ever
watched in person. His match with Wavell Sunday night was one for the Best
of POW tape.

What was Bret Hart like in person?
Išd read a couple of articles online stating that Hart had a large ego and
could be impolite to the fans. Absolutely not true. There was a line of
200-300 people to get Bretšs autograph at all times during the session. It
never went down. And despite what the Ex was advertising, Bret was going to
sign from 4 until 6. He signed steady for the two hours and left a large
lineup when he was done. He didnšt want to leave the fans hanging so he
moved over to ringside where the matches were suppose to start at 7, and he
set up a table and signed there until everyone in line had an signed sheet,
another hour and 20 minutes. He talked with the fans, posed for pictures and
listened to many reminisces about the good old Stampede Wrestling days. Bret
Hart was a true class act.

Why donšt I just go down the list.

The Natural - even Savage Henry was giving The Natural his props. The
Natural had the most entertaining promos ever, and then backed them up with
his tremendous wrestling ability. POW couldnšt have pulled off the week
without him.

Wavell Starr ­ the World Carnival Champion cut some classic promos and then
wrestled some of the best matches Išve ever seen him in. He got the big call
back and hešs off to OVW next month. When hešs in the WWE you get to tell
everyone you knew him back when.

Crash Crimson ­ the brains behind POW (bet you never heard that before), and
undisputedly now one of the top promoters in Canada. Pretty good wrestler

Juggernaut ­ the big man was sweating bullets in the 30 degree heat but
still put on a hell of a performance every day. He had some great fights
during the week.

Apocalypse ­ his tour in England was cut short, making him able to come to
Saskatoon for the week, and what an addition he was. One hard worker with a
bright future ahead of him.

Johnny Handsome ­ this was the first time Išve seen him work. Impressive.
Hešs got a great look and the athleticism to go with it. Expect to see more
of Handsome in POW.

El Asisino ­ took a wicked DDT off the top rope Wednesday afternoon and
compressed a vertebrate in his neck, cutting his Ex week short. It was too
bad, I wanted to see more of the high flyer, but hešll be back.

Dice Steele ­ great performance by a guy whošs still learning the trade.
Hard work, dedication, and the ability to learn ­ everything someone who
wants to make it in this business needs.

Van Dutch ­ another great worker who is learning the ropes quickly. Hešs
already faced some well-known opponents in his short career and hešs just
going to keep getting better and better.

Honeydipper Dan ­ I knew hešd be over with the Ex crowd but I donšt know
hešd be that over. Undoubtedly one of the most popular wrestlers there all
week, and a good dancer too.

Max Fiend ­ scheduling conflicts only allowed him to work one day, but this
big manšs career with POW is far from over.

Smiling George ­ Išm glad this ref is getting the praise he deserves. One of
the most underrated jobs in wrestling in refing, but itšs integral. He was
there everyday, three times a day, three matches each time, and always with
a smile on his face. Outstanding job.

Steve ­ the man behind the scenes running entrance music, making sure
everyonešs announcements were in order and calling you all in to the shows.
Another unsung hero that deserves applause.

Now they get six months off before they start work on it all over again.

But in the meantime

As many of you know, the new Grand Poobah at the Legion thinks that
wrestling is dumb so POW can no longer run in the building. With all the
things to do with the Ex, there has really been no time to find another
building, but they are looking.

More bad news. Sidšs Garage is being converted into a pool hall. No more
bands there, and no more POW training centre. POW is now officially

The Drakešs solution ­ a building for POW all to themselves that can serve
as the training centre and as a place to run shows. Now try to find that
without having to raise ticket prices to pay the rent.

Anything else?
Oh ya, the next show. Itšs an annual event now, during Welcome Week at the U
of S. The boys will be performing in the bowl near the beer tent. Itšs a
free show, and POW always brings in some good talent for it. The date and
who is coming will be on the website as soon as everything is confirmed. And
expect a mini-camp to follow. 

As always, comments, questions, praise is welcome.  Post them on the message

The Drake