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POW AGGRESSION - May 19, 2001
POW's Aggression was held at the Legion Hall in Saskatoon,SK, in front of apprx. 370 hardcore fans. The showed opened up with Promoter Cliff Hanselmann introducing himself and the Commissioner of POW, Trevor Scott. Trevor Scott grabbed the mic from Hanselmann and told the crowd that he had brought Leatherface here all the way from Japan. He said that Massive Damage was not worthy of fighting this Hardcore Legend, and then Massive Damage's music hit. At that point Trevor Scott became irate. Massive grabbed the mic from Scott and started telling the crowd exactly what he was going to do to Leatherface in there Japanese Hardcore Match later tonight. Then he asked for some of his toys, he was promptly given a table and a strand of barbed wire. He then wrapped the table in barbed wire much to the fans delight. He told them this was going to be a match they'd never forget.

White Lightning vs Quicksilver
This match had some very high stakes as both of these competitors are from the POW training school and were looking to impress their piers by showing them who is the #1 luchadore in POW. This match started off with some excellent chain wrestling from both men. Quicksilver then took the advantage with a sit-down powerbomb and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. But White Lightning fought back hitting a hurancarana and a headbutt off the top-rope. But Quicksilver kept kicking out of everything White Lightning could dish out. Quicksilver soon regained control of the match and hit a HUGE frog splash off the top. Then just as he was going to the top rope again to finish off White Lightning, Mortimus ran out and crotched Quicksilver on the top rope, then grabbed his head and delivered a top-rope diamond-cutter. Mortimus then went over to White Lightning and gave him a reverse DDT. Mortimus grabbed the microphone and said Promoter Cliff Hanselmann "was scared to book Mortimus for this card", "So guess what, I just booked myself. Ha, ha, ha." Referee Dixon Buttz declared along with Hanselmann that this match was now a Three Way Dance.

White Lightning vs Quicksilver vs Mortimus
Right off the bat White Lightning and Quicksilver attacked Mortimus hitting him with a double clothesline, a double flapjack, and a double dropkick to the face. Then as Quicksilver went for a cover on Mortimus, White Lightning broke it up. Then White Lightning and Quicksilver began fighting again. Mortimus then threw Quicksilver outside the ring. And just as Mortimus and White Lightning were duking it out in the ring Quicksilver hit both men with a springboard double-clothesline. Quicksilver and Mortimus ended up outside the ring and were struck with a top rope plancha to the outside by White Lightning. Eventually Mortimus and White Lightning ended up back in the ring and Mortimus hit a second-rope missile dropkick to White Lightning's face, but White Lightning kicked out. Mortimus then got very frustrated and in losing his concentration got hit with the Lightning Bolt. Just as White Lightning was celebrating after hitting this huge
move, Quicksilver snuck up from behind and hit White Lightning with a superkick to the head. Quicksilver then laid White Lightning on top of Mortimus and went up to the tope rope and hit the Silver Bullet Bomb to get the 1,2,3, on both men. Quicksilver was announced the winner and the fans went nuts, this match was a show stealer to say the least.

The Midginator vs Evil Shorty Little
The midgets were, of course, a fan favorite. When the Midginator came out he covered the place in confetti when he blasted his gun in the air. His opponent was not happy at all to be in Saskatoon. The match started with both men battling in the corners, and the Midginator continually outsmarting Shorty Little. Referee Dixon Buttz then got involved when the Midginator was tossed on to the ref, and Buttz caught him. Shorty then became furious and told Dixon "When you catch the midget, you pitch the midget." Unfortunately for Shorty he was the next midget that Dixon caught and Mr Buttz tossed Little halfway across the ring. After the Midginator bit both the ref's and Shorty's bums, he hit Shorty with a vertical suplex and then put him in his version of the torture rack. Shorty was quick to give up and The Midginator was declared the winner.

Crash Crimson vs Sodam Insane
This independent circuit clash was a very back and forth match featuring two of today's top independent stars. Crimson attacked Sodam before the bell even rang, and they ended up battling on the outside of the ring. Both men were thrown in to the guardrail headfirst as the referee Peatree Pecker was having problems keeping control of this matchup. This match even ended up over the guardrail with both men brawling amongst the fans. Crash used anything he could get his hands on, even hitting Sodam in the head with 2 pop cans. Crimson then picked Sodam up and body slammed him on the floor. But when Crimson took Sodam back in the ring, Sodam kept kicking out of everything Crash had to dish out. So when the ref wasn't looking Crash nailed Sodam in the back of the head with a thick steel chain, and got the 1,2,3. But just as Crash was celebrating his victory Sodam took the chain and hit Crash in the face with it. Sodam may have lost the
match but he did get some revenge.

At this point in the show Commissioner Trevor Scott introduced independent wrestling star, Wavell Starr. The Commish conducted the interview but didn't let Wavell talk, so Wavell grabbed the microphone from him and called our Commissioner a "lard ass". Wavell then said how great it was to be back in Saskatoon, and how he can't wait 'till he's recovered from his torn pec, so he can wrestle for POW. Just as Wavell was finishing off his interview Max Fiend approached the ring and stood up on the apron. Wavell recognized Fiend and called him into ring for a fight. Little did Wavell know that Khaos was sneeking up from behind. Just as Wavell turned around Khaos grabbed him by the throat and delivered a devastating chokebomb. Khaos and Max Fiend then double-teamed the injured Wavell, and Dream Warrior ran to ring to make the save. Khaos and Fiend bolted from the ring as soon as Dream Warrior made an appearance. Wavell and Dream Warrior called the two into the ring to fight but they declined, and went to the back.

Johnny Wiseguy with Chelsea vs "All Star" Tyler Siwak
The second Johnny Wiseguy came to the ring he began berating the Saskatoon fans, calling them "a bunch of pig farmers." And the second Siwak came out, he had his eye on Johnny's girl Chelsea. The match started with Johnny powering Siwak off out of a lock-up. But Siwak came back with some big shoulder tackles, including one off the top-rope. Then he hit Johnny with a powerslam and followed that with monsterous legdrop. But just as Siwak was gaining control Wiseguy hit him with a hotshot throat-first on the ropes. Johnny was firmly in control of the match when out of nowhere Siwak caught him with a DDT. Just as Siwak had gained the advantage Johnny hit Siwak a sit-down powerbomb. At that time Johnny's valet Chelsea hopped up on the apron and distracted the referee will Johnny gave Siwak a spear and went for the cover. But the ref wasn't there for the count. Johnny then yelled at Chelsea to get off the apron and covered Siwak again, but the "All Star" kicked out. Johnny got frustrated so he threw Siwak over the top to the outside. Siwak then went up to the apron and went to give Wiseguy a sunset flip but Johnny held on to the ropes and pinned Siwak for the 1,2,3. The referee didn't see anything so Johnny was declared the winner. But in a surprise turn of events Chelsea jumped in the ring and took care of Siwak. She ended up escorting Tyler to the back, which made Johnny absolutely furious.

Khaos with Max Fiend vs Dream Warrior
The Dream Warrior was looking to seek some revenge against Khaos and Fiend after their attack earlier in the night on Wavell Starr. But Khaos got off to a quick start on Warrior hitting a few power moves right off the bat. Max Fiend then jumped up on the apron just as Khaos was getting atomic-dropped, and Khaos hit Fiend and Max went flying off the apron into the guardrail. Then Warrior hit a big samoan drop, but Fiend broke up the pin. Dream Warrior continued to be in control until Fiend distracted referee Dixon Buttz and Khaos low-blowed Warrior and threw him to the outside. Then Khaos distracted the ref as Fiend worked on him on the outside. Fiend threw Warrior into the ring post but Warrior moved as Fiend went to splash him into the post, hitting his own head in the process. Warrior then went back in the ring only to be held by Khaos as Fiend grabbed a chair. But Dream Warrior ducked out the way and Fiend hit Khaos with the chair by accident, Warrior the rolled him up and got the 1,2,3. Warrior was promptly double teamed by both men. Then just as Khaos was about to chokebomb The Dream Warrior, Wavell Starr hit the ring and attacked them. They both bailed out of the ring but not before Wavell got a few strikes in on them. Again Wavell and Dream Warrior welcomed Khaos and Fiend to come back in the ring and fight, but they both went to the back. Wavell and Dream Warrior will not forget what happenned that night.

Massive Damage vs Leatherface - Japanese Hardcore Match

The fans were definitely itching for this match to start. Before the match even began a table wrapped in barbed wire was place by the ring. Just after Leatherface made his way to the ring, Massive came out and began throwing anything he could get his hands on into the ring. This only fired up Leatherface even more. When Massive got in the ring he hit Leatherface in the head with a street sign 3 times, but Leatherface seemed unaffected. Control of this match was very back and forth as both competitors were feeling eachother out, until Leatherface hit Massive in the back with a chair and then hit him the face with a garbage can, which busted Massive wide open from ear to ear. Then the match spilled outside and even ended up in the beer gardens. Leatherface then picked up a link of the guardrail and threw it right on Massive, then he sent Massive chair surfing and he took out the first 4 rows of chairs. Massive then battled back with a crowbar to Leatherface's head, and put Leatherface on to the barbed wire table and climbed up to the top rope. Massive then asked the fans if they wanted to see it and dove off of the top rope to the outside putting Leatherface threw the barbed wire table. But Leatherface continued to hit Massive with chairs and even clotheslining him on the floor. However Massive struck back with a body slam on Leatherface on the floor outside the ring. Then Massive proved how insane he was by wrapping his own arm in barbed wire and clotheslining Leatherface. The barbed wire actually stuck into Leatherface's face, it took him a while to untangle himself from the wire. Massive then hit Leatherface with a
DDT on the outside on top of a pipe drain. Then Leatherface set up another table on the outside, and faught back nailing Massive with a viscious chairshot to the head. At this point Massive was bleeding like a stuck pig. But Massive ended up back in the ring with Leatherface and the two had a Mexican stand-off. Massive had barbed wire and Leatherface had a chair. The chair proved to be more effective as Leatherface attacked Massive's knee and leg with the chair. Leatherface then placed a broken half of the barbed wire table over top of Massive's body and went to the top rope and splashed Massive, sandwiching the barbed wire against Massive. The barbed wire decided to
attach itself to Massive's thigh, and as he pulled the table off of himself, he tore a huge chunk out of his leg. Leatherface then pinned Massive, but Massive kicked out. Then Leatherface pinned him again, and Massive kicked out again. Leatherface then went up to referee Dixon Buttz and questioned the count. Leatherface, not happy with the count Buttz had made, struck Dixon right in the face and knocked him out cold. Massive took that time to recuperate and attacked Leatherface and hit a chicken wing suplex. Massive then went for the cover and Commissioner Trevor Scott came in the ring to count the pin. The only problem was he intentionally counted slow, and Leatherface kicked out. Massive then nailed Leatherface with a chair in the head and then put a chair onLeatherface's face and went up to the top and delivered a top rope legdrop. Again he went for the cover and Trevor Scott counted extremely slow, but this time Leatherface didn't kick out even though Trevor Scott said he did. At that point Massive grabbed Trevor Scott and puched him out, much to the fans delight. During this time Leatherface had climbed up to the rope, but Massive saw this and nailed him in the head with a garbage can. Leatherface teetered on the top rope looking at the table on the floor which awaited his arrival if he were to fall. Massive then nailed Leatherface in the head again but this time with a chair, and this time Leatherface did fall from the top rope through that table on the outside. Massive went for a cover and Promoter Cliff Hanselmann counted the 1,2,3. Leatherface then realised he'd lost and went nuts throwing weapons everywhere. He then bowed to the crowd and both men received a huge round of applause for there efforts. This was unquestionably the bloodiest most hardcore match Saskatoon has ever seen. To see pictures from the show CLICK HERE There is only way to see this action and that's by buying the videotape which will soon be available.