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POW's Barroom Brawl
December 2, 2001

Here are some quick results from the show.

-Raw Skilz vs White Lightning - After an excellent back and forth match, Max Fiend stormed the ring and delivered the Pendulum to both Raw Skilz and White Lightning.  Fiend then press slammed Lightning outside the ring!!!  Max proved that he is not a force to be messed with.

-Mortimus vs Sodam Insane - These two brawled inside the ring and outside, much to the fans delight.  Mortimus was not too pleased when the fans started calling him a "Lucha-dork".  Mortimus was then Powerbombed through a garbage can for his troubles.  However after Max Fiend appeared at the entrance and distracted Sodam, Mortimus took full advantage and nailed Sodam with the can, and then hit a split legged moonsault for the win.

Biggie Phatz vs Max Fiend - These two had a classic big man battle.  But this time Fiend had his buddy Darren Dalton at ringside.  Throughout the match Dalton helped Fiend by choking and beating on Biggie.  Eventually Biggie was just another victim of the Pendulum. Max picked up the win, and then Max and Dalton gave Biggie a devastating 3-D.

-Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere Match - Crash Crimson vs Darren "The Bomb" Dalton - These two Heavyweights really took it to one another last night, smashing each other on just about everything they could find.   Not far into the match Dalton got busted WIDE open.  But just as Crash was about to finish off Dalton, Max Fiend interfered in yet another match, this time he gave the Pendulum to Crash...

...Then he pulled a STAPLE GUN out of his pocket, and Dalton Staple Gunned Crash in the face!!!  Referee Dixon Buttz had seen enough and tried to stop the madness, but he then became the next victim of Fiend's Pendulum.  Crash was then stapled again and at that point Biggie Phatz had seen enough.  He came to the aid of Crash.  Just as it seemed that everything was in control, to everyone's surprise Khaos showed up and ChokeBombed Crash, he then pulled Dalton over Crash for the 1, 2, 3. 

Quicksilver vs Hysteria - This was an awesome Main Event.  Much to the likes of RVD vs Jerry Lynn, these two tore the house down.  The crowd was in awe of what these two extremely talented athletes could do.  In a very back and forth which involved a chair at times, Quicksilver ended up getting the better of Hysteria, after Hysteria went for a  Hurancanrana off the second, Quicksilver caught him off guard with a powerbomb for the win.  The two shook hands after the match, and the insane crowd started chanting "P...O...W..."