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Barroom Brawl III – One Hell of a Way to End the Year

Interview With Vance Nevada

The infamous “Who wears short shorts – Vance wears short shorts” chant rang throughout the packed Barroom Brawl III crowd as “Mr. Beefy Goodness” Vance Nevada started the night. Vance was praising the fans of POW and explaining what he was going to do to Wavell Starr when Max Fiend came to ringside to remind Vance what happened when they met at Devil’s Night II. With Vance’s back turned to the dressing room, Wavell Starr hit the ring and he and Max laid the boots to Vance. As Vance lay on the ring mat, Wavell informed the “redneck” crowd how the women in Saskatoon love him because “nobody spreads beaver like an Indian”. Sodamn Insane came out to help his injured friend and cleared the ring, and as he tended to Vance, Crash Crimson with chair in hand, ran out after Sodamn. The locker room emptied and eventually the big men were pried apart.

Match 1 – “The American Wet Dream” Skag Rollins vs Bobby Jay

“The American Wet Dream” Skag Rollins and former WWF house-show mainstay Bobby Jay put on one of the most entertaining matches in POW history. When Rollins was finished lap dancing on the girls in the crowd, he had a strong back-and-forth contest with the flamboyant Bobby. This match had everything from a mirror being smashed over Rollins’ head to some great spots like Bobby’s suicide dive, to Rollins being beat senseless with a dildo. In the end Bobby proved to be too much for the American Wet Dream, and the veteran Bobby Jay got the 1-2-3.

Match 2 – El Assissino vs White Lightning

The cruiserweight division is heating up in POW and the crowd was really into this fast-paced, see-saw contest as these two young and hungry luchadors battled it out in the squared circle. They were matching each other move for move inside and outside the ring when Dice Steel decided to end the contest by giving both competitors his devastating finisher – the Royal Flush. The referee called for the bell as both El Assissino and White Lightning were unable to continue.

Match 3 – Max Fiend vs Juggernaut

This was very hard hitting, stiff contest between this two big men, full of power moves and shots that would have broke a normal man in half. It was another back-and-forth fight with every pin attempt being met with what appeared to be a slower-than-usual count by import referee Guy Smiley. The frustration was growing in both men with every count and when they went to the outside and Guy Smiley tried to pull them apart, Max and Juggernaut just let him have it. Back inside the ring Max rolled up the veteran and assumed he had won when he heard the bell, but it was not to be. Guy had called for the bell from the outside and ruled this fight a double DQ. Juggernaut took advantage of the confusion and laid Max out with a sadistic finisher where he laid Max over his shoulder and sat down, bouncing Fiends head off the ring mat.


Match 4 – falls count anywhere

Sodamn Insane vs Crash Crimson

These two brutes battled all over The Pat, breaking table, bottles, and anything else they could get their hands on. They were on the stage, through the chairs, and over to the merchandise table where Crash set up a table. The frenzied crowd was on their feet for this entire match. Crash and Sodamn battled behind the side bar and then climbed on top of it. And then the unbelievable happened. Crash set Sodamn up for a suplex, Sodamn tried to block it but failed and sliped, and both men went flying through the air and through the two tables. Crash through the merchandise table, and Sodamn through the second table. The crowd exploded. Crash rolled on top of Sodamn for the pin, 1-2, somehow Sodamn kicks out. The crowd went crazy again as Crash dragged Sodamn to the ring. He dug out his trademark chair and went to nail Sodamn in the head. The ref wasn't going to let Crash away with that and took the chair from him as crash was about to swing. Crash was beside himself and thruogh the ref out of the ring. Max Fiend hit the ring and delivered an incredible pendulum on Sodamn. Max then picked him up and set him on Crashes shoulders for a second rope powerbomb. As Sodamn was slammed to the mat, Max woke up the ref. Crash covered Sodamn 1-2-2 1/2 he kicked out and the crowd went crazy again. Crash stood up in frustration and went for the chair again, this time the chair found its mark, and Sodam hit the mat hard. As Crash went for a second swing, the ref had seen enough, grabbing the chair once again. Crash and the ref pulled on the chair like it was a tug-o-war, then crash let the chair go smashing the chair into the refs face. Crash turned around, right into a chair shot from Juggernaut. That set up Crash for Sodamn’s powerful sit out choke bomb finisher – 1-2-3, Sodamn gets the win, and the crowd goes insane.

Main Event

Singapore Cane Match

Vance Nevada vs Wavell Starr

The Singapore cane hung from the ceiling over one corner of the ring and both men fought hard to get it. Wavell was able to reach the cane first and used it to his full advantage – choking and whipping “Mr. Beefy Goodness”. Half way through the match a wicked cane shot split Vance’s head wide open, much to the delight of the bloodthirsty crowd. When Wavell turned to jaw to the crowd, Vance seized his opportunity and it was his turn to start swinging the cane. Both men were on the turnbuckles when Vance started driving the side of the cane into Wavell’s head, and his hair became tangled in the bamboo. As Wavell fought to free himself, Vance ripped the cane away, pulling a chunk of Wavell’s hair out by the roots. “Who wears short shorts – Vance wears short shorts” rallied Vance again and he ran to the far corner, went to the top and through a perfect cross-body, but Wavell pulled the ref in front of him and Vance nailed the ref. In comes Max Fiend to make his presence felt again. Another devastating pendulum was delivered, Wavell followed it up with his five-starr frog splash, and he took home the win.


Update December 2, 2002


Once again POW has taken the bar show to new heights. There was something for everyone. From the smallest to the biggest, from the craziest to the most extreme wrestlers, these guys gave it there all. If you missed POW'S BARROOM BRAWL III, then you missed some of the best action to hit Saskatoon wrestling. This show was hard hitting from top to bottom, from the pink dildo, and the broken tables, to the singapore cane, there was some major pain being pasted around.