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DEVIL'S NIGHT II turn out to be one hell of a night. The big news out of POW'S head office was change in the winner of the EXTREME BATTLE ROYAL. After reviewing the match POW officials awarded the match to Crash Crimson, do to the fact that Sodam Insane was not part of the EXTREME BATTLE ROYAL. Because of the fact that Sodam Insane was not under contract, and the crying that Crash Crimson did, the EXTREME BATTLE ROYAL will go down as a win for the chair wielding maniac Crash Crimson. As for Wavell Starr leaving the ring area, the officials eliminated him after he was given two minutes to return. At the time of this report POW's head office was looking at fining or even suspending Wavell Starr for not continuing in the Extreme Weapon Battle Royal.  



Three Way Dance

White Tiger vs. Memphis Rain vs. White Lighting - This match was a incredible, fast past back and forth  match. These three kids showed the other wrestlers of POW that these young hungry guys are on they're way up the independent ranks. traveling all the way from ECCW/NWA in Vancouver (, both White Tiger and Memphis Rain were here to give a 110% and put White Lighting to the test. After White Tiger jumped from the second rope to the top rope and  into a moonsault onto Memphis Rain, White Lighting broke up the pin by putting White Tiger into a inverted stretched dragon sleeper. White Tiger held on for as long as he could before taping out, giving White Lighting the win.

 Wavell Starr vs. Honey Dipper Dan

After subjecting the packed house to insult after insult, Wavell Starr got off the mic, and  found out that the big 300lb hick Honey Dipper Dan is no push over. Honey Dipper Dan stood his ground to the ring vet ,Wavell Starr found himself bumped from pillar to post. Not being out done Wavell Starr had his good friend Max Fiend come down to the ring. While ref tried clearing Max from ringside, Wavell nailed Honey Dipper with a tomahawk chop to the big hick's family jewels. This setup Wavell to hit his amazing five starr splash, and get the pinfall.

 Dice Steel vs. El Asesino

Now here is a pair of new comers to the wrestling world. The young  kid from San Tiago, Chile El Asesino (the assassin) and Dice Steel from right here in Saskatchewan had a fast, hard-hitting wrestling match. The cruiser weight held his own very well against the bigger Dice Steel, that was until Dice got El Asesino in his devastating move he calls "The Royal Flush". Next to the pendulum by Max Fiend, this is one of the most vicious moves in POW. Its like a tomb stone pile driver, only the guy is hanging upside down on Dice's back.  To top it off,  Dice jumps up before landing it. You have to see this move to fully understanding it's devastation. 

The Interview That Turned Into A Match - Quicksilver vs. Crash Crimson

The manager from The Pat,  Mark Bowles, came out to the ring to promote are next show, BARROOM BRAWL III, on November 24 at The Pat, and to let the POW office now that he's not happy with what happen to Dixon Butts. Mark also pointed out that POW's office is doing nothing to stop Crash Crimson from going around chairing anyone that gets in his way. After calling Crash a thug and a bully, Crash Crimson decided to make his way down to the ring. Crash informed Mark that he didn't care who mark was, and presided to hit him with a chair. (way to burn the sponsor tough guy). Quicksilver came out to help Mark out of the ring and when Crash was almost back to the change room, Biggie Phatz came out with a mic. Crash backed off a little as Biggie told the crowd  he was not allowed to wrestle in one on one because of the injuries he sustained at the hands of Crimson at the last show, but his good friend Quicksilver would be happy to fight Crash. With that, Quicksilver jumped off the top rope onto Crash on the floor. Quicksilver hit the big guy with everything he had, but nothing short a freight train is going to stop Crimson when he's swinging a chair. The ref disqualified Crash, but that didn't stop him from laying in the chair to Quicksilver until biggie came from the back to save his friend. 

Max Fiend vs. Vance Nevada

Once again Vance Nevada came out and entertained the the crowd like only "Mr. Beefy goodness" can. But Max Fiend is one powerful man. This was a back and forth, heavy hitting match up. Wavell Starr who lost to Vance at the last show, thought he had a score to settle and came down to the ring just when Vance was starting to dominate the big man. Wavell distracted Vance just long enough so Max could fix the pendulum on Vance, and the man with the wife beater on, Max Fiend, captured the W. After the match Wavell continued to beat Vance with a metal stick, busting Vance Nevada's head wide open. When Wavell went to the back, Vance, covered in blood, got up and said if Wavell wants to swing sticks, they both can swing sticks, and challenged Wavell to a "Singapore Cane Match" at The Pat  on November 24, at BARROOM BRAWL III 

Extreme Weapons Battle Royal

Fans Brieng The Weapons

This was a bloody, very extreme match that involved everything from cheese graters to glass sheets to canes to sheets of metal to a keyboard to a bag of carrots, to everything in between. Its hard to describe the carnage and mayhem that ensued. There was literally bodies everywhere. The last combatant, Crash Crimson, was starting to clean house when an unscheduled Sodam Insane shocked the crowd and hit the ring. Crash did all he could to stay clear of Sodam and throw Cousin Merle in his path. Sodam heaved Merle out of the ring and through a table. Next it was Quicksilver that was flung at the madman and was backdrop out of the ring on to a table. Crash then threw White Lighting at Sodam, Sodam promptly threw him out through a table as well. Sodam and Crash exchanged chair shot until they were both covered in blood. The back stage emptied to to keep them from killing each other. when it was all said and done, the remains of five tables littered the out side the ring. ( two other tables were broken in the middle of the match, Dice took a vicious spear from Crimson, and El Asesino took a pendulum from Max), and a bloody Crash Crimson reigned supreme   

In order they entered the ring

1. Biggie Phatz  2. Memphis Rain  3. White Tiger  4. Dice Steal   5. White Lighting  6. El Asesino  7. Quicksilver  8. Max Fiend 9. Wavell Starr  10. Cousin Merrell  11. Honey Dipper Dan  12. Vance Nevada  13. D.U.I.  14. Crash Crimson

In order they exited

1. Biggie phatz  2. Memphis Rain  3.  El Asesino  4.  White Tiger   5. Honey Dipper Dan  6. Max Feind  7. Wavell Starr  8. Dice Steel  9. D.U.I.  10. Vance Nevada  11. Cousin Merrell  12. Quicksilver  13. White Lighting  14. Your Winner Crash Crimson (thrown out by Sodam Insane)