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September 15, 2002

Here are some quick results from the show:

Crash Crimson Interview - Crash opened the show off, explaining to everyone why Sodam Insane wasn't at the show.  He claimed to have beaten Sodam so bad that he was scared to face him tonight.  Then "Mr Beefy Goodness" Vance Nevada came out to defend his new friend Sodam Insane.  However just as Vance was going to deliver a message from Sodam, Wavell Starr hit the ring and Crash and Wavell beat on Vance.  Biggie Phatz then chased Crash away, leaving Vance and Wavell in the ring.  Vance called for a referee from the back and started a match.

Vance Nevada vs Wavell Starr - Wavell was making his return to The Legion in over a year and he was determined to make an impact, however Vance caught Wavell off guard and got him locked in a Small Package for the win.  Nevada really seems to be picking up some steam in POW, with the crowd behind him who knows where "Mr Beefy Goodness" can go.

Three Way Elimination Dance
Quicksilver vs Apocolypse vs White Lightning
- Newcomer Apocolypse had a bit of a size advantage on Quicksilver and White Lightning, so the two decided to team up on him.  This match featured all the high flying moves you can think of.  After about 5 mins of non stop action White Lightning got pinned after a powerbomb from Apocolypse.  Then it was down to the big man and Quicksilver, Apocolypse pulled out some very innovative offensive moves which definitely gave him the advantage.  However White Lightning was still on the outside and pulled Quicksilver out, and DDT'ed him on a garbage can lid and threw him back in the ring.  The rest was elementary, Apocolypse then hit Quicksilver with a devastating Suplex DDT, and got the 1, 2, 3. This match was one for the highlight reel.

Dr Luther Interview - While Quicksilver was still recuperating from his loss in the ring, Dr Luther came out with Crash Crimson and beat down on Quicksilver, saying this was what Juggernaut was in for later tonight.  Juggernaut then came out and stood face to face with Luther and all chaos broke loose.  When the smoke cleared Juggernaut stood standing in the ring, dieing to get his hands on "The Good Doctor".

Max Fiend vs Honey Dipper Dan - Honey Dipper Dan made his debut at The Legion to a huge ovation.  This smelly Hillbilly tips the scales around 350 lbs.  However Max Fiend was too much and pinned Honey Dipper with a DVD after some help from Wavell Starr.  Then another Hillbilly came running out from the back, we can only assume he's a relative of Honey Dipper's.  He chased Wavell around and ended up in the ring, just to run into Max Fiend who delivered the devastating Pendulum.  However the Hillbilly's ended up getting the upperhand and Honey Dipper Dan stuck Wavell's face right in his relatives smelly armpit.  Then the two Hillbilly's danced in the ring, and the crowd loved them.

Crash Crimson vs Biggie Phatz - Biggie came out after intermission and called out Crash Crimson.  These two battled everywhere.  Everything was going well for Biggie until Crash whacked him in the head with a chair.  As if that wasn't enough he waited for Biggie to get up and hit him again.  Referee Dixon Buttz threw the match out, which only infuriated Crash even more.  He laid Biggie face on a chair and came out swinging, sandwiching Biggie's head in between two chairs.  The referees finally got Crash out of the ring and helped the semi concious Biggie to the back.

Dr Luther vs Juggernaut - These two International Superstars tore the house down, they battled throughout The Legion, breaking anything they could find.  Juggernaut got busted open, and was then given a drop toe hold onto the corner of a table.  Luther also got busted opened, and this match turned into a gore fest, then just as Juggernaut had things in control, Luther put Juggernaut threw a table on the outside.  This match was one of the most violent matches POW has ever seen, these two were really out to hurt each other.  Referee Peatree Pecker was then knocked in the corner after Luther came flying in with a back elbow that nailed the ref.  Juggernaut then hit a huge powerslam, and Dixon Buttz came running in the count, but Luther kicked out.  That's when Crash Crimson came out to help his buddy Luther.  He went to spear Juggernaut threw the table that was set up in the corner, but Juggernaut moved and Crash speared Dixon Buttz threw the table.  Crash then turned around to a Juggernaut spinebuster.  Luther then tossed a chair to Juggernaut and delivered a very violent spin kick to his head.  Referee Roberto Sanchez then came running in from the back and counted the 1, 2, 3.  Dr Luther did what he said he was going to do and beat Juggernaut, in a match the crowd will never forget.  Luther also made a point of destroying all the referees after the match.  Two of which were sent to the hospital after the show, including Dixon Buttz, who is still in the hospital, an update on his condition will be posted as soon as we hear any news.