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POW at the University Campus
September 5,2002

Well once again POW tore up The Bowl at the U of S campus, with a great show.  We also had some new faces debut on Thursday and one old face.  Here are some quick results from the show:

Wavell Starr vs Chris Steele - Wavell Starr made his return to POW after over a year.  In what was a very offensive match both men really impressed the crowd, however Wavell was unsuccessful after Chris Steele pinned him with a small package.

Juggernaut vs Johnny Handsome - Juggernaut's size was too much for this newcomer to POW, Johnny Handsome.  Juggernaut delivered some viscious kicks right to Handsome's face.  After failed help from Crash Crimson, Handsome was pinned after Juggernaut delivered a devastating K-Drill.

Crash Crimson vs Biggie Phatz - These two absolutely destroyed the Beer Gardens and just about everything else they could find.  At one point Crash even threw Biggie into the Porta Potties, scaring the life out of one young man who was, at the time "taking care of some business", in the portable washrooms.  The match ended in a DQ due to interference from Johnny Handsome.

Battle Royal Main Event - In a surprise ending to the Battle Royal, after Crash Crimson threw everybody out, he didn't realize he didn't throw out one last man.  Crash was then dropkicked over the top rope by this mystery man, in a black mask.  After losing Crash snapped, went back in the ring and powerbombed this mystery luchadore.

We would like to thanks the USSU Student's Union, and everybody at the U of S for another great show.